Top 5 things to look for in the Samsung QLED TV

The latest Samsung QLED TV is one of the best 4K TVs available in the market. With this model, Samsung is set to transform our TV viewing experience.

But, what is so great about this TV? Here are some of the top components that make it one of the leading 4K TVs  right now:

  • Design: This QLED TV comes with an unimaginable sleek design. It is designed to adorn your living room. You can say goodbye to messy wires now. This TV has only one cable, which is also nearly invisible. Besides, the TV has a no-gap wall mount design that allows it to stick to the wall completely.
  • Picture quality: The picture quality of this TV is something that you will not find in any of the 4K TVs. This TV offers an excellent viewing experience with its UHD resolution and Quantum Dot display. The picture is sharp and detailed. It has a uniform color spread that lets you enjoy the same color quality from any angle.
  • Content: The Smart Hub feature of the TV lets you have all the content in one place. Whether you want to stream on Netflix, Google Play, Amazon Prime, or YouTube, this feature makes your life easy. It organizes all the content and lets you have easy access.
  • Gaming: Gaming on the QLED TV is nothing but fun. You do not need any cables, connectors, or consoles for this. You only need to connect your gaming pad and start streaming the games. The high-quality resolution and rich sound quality of this TV enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • View: With its Smart View, you may seamlessly switch between your TV and any other device. This feature lets you multitask easily. Enjoy all your photos and videos on the big screen. Control the TV with your smartphone and chat with a friend at the same time.
  • Remote: The QLED TV comes with an advanced multi-purpose remote. With this single device, you will be able to control your TV, home theater, and cable box, among others. The remote is smart to detect other devices and also comes with a stylish design.

With so many amazing features, the QLED TV is surely the best choice among all the latest 4K TVs.