Top 5 delicious anti-inflammatory drinks

When one is suffering from a medical condition that causes inflammation, taking right medications and treatments become necessary. Apart from medical solutions, however, some foods that fight inflammation are available for your use as well. For those who constantly look for effective anti-inflammatory liquids that can be easily digested, we’ve got help. Here are delicious drink options that can help in having instant relief from the pain caused by inflammation.

Lemon water: Lemon water is one of the most easily available and tasty drinks that has a crucial role to play in treating inflammation. Having lemon water on a regular basis can not only bring down the severe levels of inflammation; but also decrease the acid levels in the body, which is often the cause behind inflammations.

Fruit juices: Among the foods that fight inflammation, fruit juices are considered to be the most easily available and effective ones. While a glass of pineapple juice helps in reducing bruising, swelling and muscle pains; regular intake of lemon juice quickly reduces inflammation and acidity. A glass of tart cherry juice, high in anthocyanin, works great in reducing muscle soreness.

Beetroot/carrot Juice: Both beetroots and carrots are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. One suffering from inflammation can have beet or carrot juice on a regular basis which will help bring down the inflammation as well as increase the oxygen intake.

Turmeric tea: A warm cup of turmeric tea can surpass many foods that fight inflammation in its fast acting and quick relieving qualities. Turmeric tea is found extremely effective in curing an upset stomach, reducing muscle stiffness and pain.

Apple cider vinegar: Having a drink made with water, a table spoon of apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, honey and lemon not only helps in soothing an inflamed stomach but also boosts the digestive process. Containing high amounts of polyphenolic compounds and antioxidant chemical, a drink made with apple cider vinegar helps in healing the joint pains.

Regular intake of foods that fight inflammation, such as the above-mentioned anti-inflammation drinks, one can not only ensure a healthy and aching-free stomach; but can also get relief from the muscle pains.  Being liquids, these drinks get digested quickly and offer faster relieving results.