Top 4 companies that allow free tax filling

Tax season is not very far away, and it is indubitable for taxpayers to be caught amid confusion and paperwork. Tax filing involves a lot of planning and preparation to make yourself ready for Tax Day. Moreover, the constant new development on the tax front can end up adding to the work. However, if you are thinking of how you can file taxes online for free, then you are covered. There are several top companies that are generous enough, without hidden small print, to enable free tax filing. Without further ado, read on to know the top 4 companies whose service you can avail:

For the very first time, TurboTax is putting on offer a free tax filing option this year. This is for taxpayers filing a 1040EZ or 1040A. This company allows you to file State, Federal, and E-file tax done for no fees. However, the free service is rendered only for a limited period. What sets TurboTax apart from other companies includes its impressive user interface with navigations that guide the user through confusing sections. Thus, you can rest assured smooth user experience.

Credit Karma Tax
Credit Karma Tax is one of the few companies to have taken a new leap into the world of taxing services. They are a resource that promises free tax filing online and is aimed to make you feel confident through the tax season. An amazing add-on to their service includes chat support and a tax dashboard that help you make better decisions. The service also allows for convenient importing from the previous year.

TaxAct, just like TurboTax, lets taxpayers file a 1040EZ or 1040A. You resource also lets you avail service for both, State and Federal returns. However, unlike with Credit Karma Tax, you cannot automatically import the information from last year, posing a minor issue. Moreover, the version does not include phone support, and you will have to pay an amount for added services. has come out to be one of the most preferred companies offering tax services. The best part about this company is that you do not have to fulfill any criteria to avail the service. It may be a little hard to file tax online and figure out the options initially; however, its free tax filing solution makes it worth it.