Top 10 foods for those who have bladder cancer

One of the biggest constraints you face when diagnosed with bladder cancer, apart from the obvious factor that there is pain and a serious disease diagnosis, is that the foods that you are allowed to eat are limited and impact your lifestyle in a major way. There are foods that will soothe your bladder, and then there are some that can completely irritate it. Some of the foods that you are asked to be off once diagnosed with bladder cancer are alcohol, coffee, citrus fruits, spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, and tomato-based foods. Herein, we take a look at the 10 foods that are good for your bladder.

Pears are great sources of fiber for the body and optimum sources of calories, especially when you need your bladder to be strong when diagnosed with bladder cancer. While it is a typical fall fruit, they are usually available as ripened fruits between September and October depending on the region that you are from. 

Bananas are available all the year round and easy to access. They can simply be eaten raw or added into your smoothies or cereals on a regular basis. 

Green beans
Green beans carry just about 30 calories per cup. Apart from being an obvious color on your other plain and restricted diet for bladder cancer, they add the required nutrients for your body to process.

Winter squash
Winter squash is a widely available vegetable in both fall and winter. Some of the varieties you can try out are acorn, spaghetti, and butternut. 

Potatoes are your go-to food that won’t cause a strain on your bladder, especially when the weather is on the cooling end of the scale. Sweet and white potatoes are widely preferred and easy to digest varieties when re-diagnosed with bladder cancer. 

Make sure you only pick lean proteins of the low-fat types in chicken, beef, turkey, or fish, and make sure to cook them by steaming, boiling, or baking, as they will not end up causing trouble in your bladder. 

Whole grains
There are many varieties of whole grains you can choose from. The best ones you can add into your diet are rice, quinoa, and oats. 

Apart from being a great meal addition, bread are one of the best bladder-friendly foods. 

Consume nuts for adding in the required protein into your diet. 

One of the least bothersome foods for your bladder while being rich in proteins are eggs.