The ultimate summer bucket list – 10 things you can do

Doing nothing during the most happening season of summer is a crime! Fun activities along with some refreshing drinks is why summer is a wholesome vibe in itself. For this season, we have put together a bucket list containing some of the best things to do in the summer. If you’re not the outdoorsy type then fret not, as the list includes things you can do at home. From eating ice cream to hosting a barbecue, here’s some of the best things you can do this summer season.

Fly a kite

Build a kite from waste or inexpensive things at home. There are millions of DIY videos on the Internet that help you make a kite. That feeling of flying the kite from your balcony or backyard will bring out the child inside you.

Cloud gazing

Lay down on lush grass in your backyard or the nearest park and gaze at the clouds. Try to guess what a cloud looks like based on its shape. This can become a fun game between couples, kids, or friends. It’s also a great way to take your eyes off your phone.

Blow bubbles

Bubble-making kits are found in almost every store, but if you’re too lazy to visit one, you can make your own kit at home. Combine about six cups of water, some corn syrup, and two cups of liquid dish soap. You can use an old coat hanger to make the biggest bubbles.

Visit a river, beach, lake, or pond site

Water bodies are known to ease the mind and body of any stress. Feed the ducks, walk or sit on the shore, or go for a swim. If there is a local beach nearby, simply lay on the sand and soak in the sun to get a nice tan.

Treat yourself with frozen yogurt or ice cream

Use summer as an excuse to gorge on ice creams or frozen yogurts. Many stores come out with special fruity flavors just for a limited time during this season. Grab a cup or cone, stroll around the neighborhood, or just sit on a bench while enjoying the summer breeze.


This is the best time to get in shape. The weather is ideal, and this alone will give you enough motivation. Many gyms also offer free and long trials during this time. If you prefer working out at home, the Internet has a lot of information for the same.

Host a barbecue

Invite some friends, family, or colleagues over and fire up the grill. Enjoy the barbecue, put on some music, and engage in refreshing conversations with your loved ones. This is a great way to connect and bond with the people you care about.

Get some cleaning done

Summer is not always about lazing around. The snow has melted, so it’s time to clean the roof and the exteriors. Load your next shopping list with cleaning supplies and get to work, because a clean home surely attracts good vibes.

Become a volunteer

On your days off from work or school, volunteer in the places your community needs you. You can opt to help clean your local park or volunteer at a pet shelter. Your nearby church will always have loads of activities during summertime, so you can lend a hand there too.

Play a sport

Watching a game on your TV set is so yesterday. Gather some friends or look for a group that is up for playing a sport. You can indulge in baseball, tennis, horseshoes, or even badminton. Not only is this a good exercise but a great way to make new friends.