The 5 flattering Samsung Galaxy S8 features for you to know

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the newest additions and a flagship to the very popular Galaxy series. Much awaited, the gorgeous device finally made a touchdown and is packed with a smorgasbord of features. And if you are looking forward to get your hands on this beauty, there are some features that you should brace yourself for. While the obvious features are skip-worthy, here is a look at the hidden gems that will appeal to the tech buffs:

Floating camera button:  Now this feature may not be drool-worthy, but it is absolutely amusing. The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera comes with a floating button. This shutter button can be moved anywhere around the screen to be tapped when taking a picture. *Click* *click*

Adjust flashlight brightness: Even wondered how nice it could be if you could tweak the brightness of the phone’s flashlight? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s flashlight can be adjusted to suit your lighting needs.

Adapt sound: To give you the best audio experience, the device employs the Adapt sound feature that enables you to personalize sound, to fit your hearing perfectly. This means audio is tailor-made to fit your liking.

Adjustable DPI scaling: DPI adjustments have always required added work. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with an inbuilt feature that lets you tweak the DPI scaling. The easily accessible icon lets you change the size of elements on your screen.

Front and back camera switch: Love to switch to capturing landscape pictures from clicking selfies? Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes as the answer to your wants. A nifty camera feature, it lets you switch between both the modes by merely swiping up and down on the camera screen.

Enjoy, while you can explore the hidden features of your new Samsung Galaxy S8 features.