Small SUVs that you can afford

With an increase in the disposable income of young people, the market for small SUVs has grown immensely. An indication of ‘having arrived’ or achieving something in their lives through their own hard work, owning a car, or rather, an SUV, is certainly a status symbol. A small SUV is the beginning in the long line of cars that people might own over the course of their lifetime. Affordable and trendy, small SUVs are the rage currently.

Combining sportiness, extra capacity, and functionality, small SUVs are available from numerous auto manufacturers in a range of price options. Let us explore some of the affordable ones here.

Kia Sportage, a stylish as well as value for money model, this costs approximately $23,000. Redesigned in 2017 with appealing upgrades, it is now presented with a long warranty period that shows the company’s confidence in its SUV. The Kia Sportage is a fine balance between driving comfort and supple handling.

Mazda CX-3, at $20,860 is a good quality affordable small SUV. Attractive cabin space, excellent fuel efficiency, and agility in driving gives it a sporty feel, and its six-speed automatic transmission and precise steering handling makes it a fun ride.

Nissan Rogue has enviable fuel economy and is popular for its safety rating, roominess, smooth ride and innovative cargo space. At $22,000 this small SUV not only scores on good looks, but also on a good price.

Hyundai Tucson offers a long list of features that are standard in some models and optional in others. Providing comfort and space at an affordable price of $22,500 in its quiet user-friendly interiors, the Tucson’s clean suspension makes your ride refined and sporty.

Costing approximately $24,000, the Honda CR-V is the winner of the 2017 Best Compact SUV for Families award and 2017 Best Compact SUV for the Money award. It has exceptional fuel economy and unrivaled cargo space. A safe, predicable and comfortable ride, it has innovative touches in its interiors.

A whole package in itself, small SUVs meet all your needs neatly. Go, get yours now.