How to pick the right materials for your kitchen cabinets

If you are looking to set up your new kitchen or update your kitchen cabinets, then you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices. One of the primary steps towards this is to select the material for your kitchen cabinets. Here is the list of commonly used materials for cabinets.

Cabinet Body Materials

  • Pre-laminated particle board
    If you are low on a budget, this material can be a decent choice for you. These particle boards have a laminated surface. The pre-laminated board offers a range of aesthetic choices.
  • Marine plywood
    The name Marine plywood comes from the fact that it was initially used for marine applications such as boat building. Currently, it is a very commonly used material for kitchen cabinets, and the reviews are satisfactory. Marine plywood provides decent resistance against de-laminating and fungal attacks and sustains moisture for a considerable period. This material can be trusted for its durability.
  • Wood-plastic composite
    This material is a recent addition to the materials for cabinets. It is manufactured by combining wood fiber and thermoplastics. The key features of this waterproof material are easy maintenance and resistance to decay.
  • Wood
    If you have a flexible budget, and you cannot escape the charm of wooden cabinets, then this option is for you. Since you are investing a significant amount, select solid woods that can survive usual wear and tear in the long run. Rubber wood is considered to be a very reasonable choice, and it provides great options.

Cabinet Doors or Shutter Materials
Please keep in mind that sometimes kitchen cabinets body material are different from the shutters.

  • Laminations or laminates
    Laminations are pressed on plywood or particleboard and come in variants. There is also the option to choose between a glossy or a matte finish.
  • Veneers
    If you love the wooden texture and your budget is limited, then this is the right selection for you. Veneers are thin layers of natural wood glued on to plywood boards or plywood. You can also add a waterproof polish to preserve them for a longer time.
  • Painted-polyurethane material
    If you have a modern kitchen with many colors, this material would be an interesting choice. Doors are painted with auto-coat paints, and then an additional layer of clear polyurethane finish is provided to make them waterproof.
  • PVC membrane lamination
    This lamination is an affordable alternative, and the available options are numerous. You can choose a wood finish as well.

Hope this information would help in selecting the right material for your kitchen cabinets.