Here’s all you need to know about boat insurance

Like any other insurance, having your boat insured is important too. There are various boat insurance policies with different types of coverages other than the basics. Boat insurance is a necessity as boats are expensive assets. A small damage caused to your boat or by your boat could burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Is your boat physically damaged?
When your boat has been damaged due to sinking, storms, theft, fire or collision, this insurance has got you covered. This policy usually covers permanent components such as motors, anchors, safety equipment, batteries, extra fuel tanks, etc. During the process of getting your boat insurance, be sure to ask if you will be insured for the boat’s actual cash value or the replacement cost. Depending on the policy, the reimbursement might vary. If you’re going for the policy based on actual cash value, you will be reimbursed depending on the current market value. Your other option would be to choose a replacement cost policy that will either replace your boat with the same model, or another model of the same range, or reimburse you the cost of repair to its initial condition.

Has your boat caused damage to another boat?
If you’ve had a little accident where you crashed into another boat or caused any damage to other docks or boats, liability coverage is the one. The accidental damage caused by your boat could be both direct or indirect. There will be situations where you might need protection from lawsuits that includes settlement and legal fees. A good liability coverage will have that covered too.

Other coverages and discounts
All owners have different usage and requirements. In addition to your basic boat insurance be sure to ask your insurer for coverages according to your needs. We also hear that boaters who complete an approved boating safety course are eligible for amazing discounts.