Effective treatment options for leg cellulitis

Cellulitis is a common and serious bacterial skin infection that makes the affected area swollen, red, and painful. The staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria that enter through the cracks in the skin can cause this infection. The condition usually affects the lower leg, but it can take place in the arms, face, and other areas of the body as well. If the treatment for leg cellulitis is not provided on time, the infection may spread into the bloodstream and it may become a life-threatening condition. Cellulitis symptoms include a sudden skin rash that spreads quickly within 24 hours, large patches of red inflamed skin, pain, and tenderness in the inflamed area, tight or stretched skin, and fever.

How to manage leg cellulitis? 
This infection can be really painful and frustrating, but you can manage it and speed up your recovery. You can opt for effective treatment for leg cellulitis. One should consult a doctor at the earliest and treat the disease with medicines that ease the pain. Drink plenty of water to remain well hydrated. To reduce swelling, try to keep your legs raised while sitting or lying down on your bed. You must keep moving in order to prevent stiffness of the affected part. Additionally, you should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes until the infection is completely gone.

You can also take certain steps to reduce the chances of getting cellulitis again, such as keep your skin clean and moisturized. If there are any cuts or wounds on your leg, ensure washing and cleaning them regularly with antiseptic creams. Keep your wounds covered and make sure to change the bandage at regular intervals.

What are the treatment options for leg cellulitis?
Treatment for leg cellulitis usually involves a 10 to 21-day regimen of prescribed oral antibiotics. However, the length of the oral antibiotics treatment is totally subjective to the severity of the infection. Sometimes, symptoms seem to improve within a few days; so many people tend to stop taking medicines. To ensure proper treatment, it is imperative that you take all of the medication prescribed. On the other hand, contact your doctor immediately if you feel your condition is not responding to the medications. Some people also develop fever or their symptoms worsen after taking the medications. Therefore, seek medical help at the earliest if you happen to experience something like this.

If leg cellulitis is treated right, the treatment can cure the condition within 10 days. The duration is more for those suffering from severe infection or a chronic disease. In addition, those with a weak immune system take more time to recover.