Apple watch: your fitness friend

You must have seen how online retail stores are packed with loads of accessories. Usually, they offer same things but with different brand names. Workout DVDs are good and offer good workout routines. Sometimes, the workout equipment is very overpriced.

In such cases, buy an Apple Watch as it performs all those duties. In fact, it has spread its magic wings and perfectly takes care of your health needs. Some experts say that the watch is a perfect replacement to the fitness centers.

Apple’s 3 Rings – These 3 rings reflect the activity levels of a person. They display the following 3 activities;

  • Exercise
  • Standing time
  • Movement

Movement ring
Set a moving goal for the whole week. The watch helps to create attainable goals. The ring starts empty but when you move around, it starts forming a circle. The more the movement, the faster will the circle be completed.

Exercise ring
There is a special “Workout mode” in this exercise ring. You can create a personalized workout. The moment you start taking brisk walks, the movement starts getting recorded. It’s recommended that you must do this at least for 30 minutes per day.

Stand ring
With stand ring, you get an option to receive alerts to stand up and walk. Yes, the watch will literally convince you for walking. Try standing up maximum times so that you get the credit.

The activity will be recorded over a period, and accordingly, the watch will be personalized for accommodating the level of activity and exercise. Goals can be personalized for the complete week and every day, the watch will encourage and motivate you to do better and fulfill the goal. The progress is tracked and you get the credit for the whole week participation. In short, it’s no less than a personal trainer for you.

Accelerometer: It has an accelerometer which takes calculates body movements. A walk is differentiated from a run or a jog.
Heart rate sensor: While working out, the heart rate is effectively monitored.