7 affordable phones from T-Mobile for those on a budget

One cannot deny the fact that T-Mobile phones dominate the cell phone market today. The change was not overnight. As all good things need some changes, so did T-Mobile. It reinvented itself and now emerged as a market leader. T-Mobile is hailed as one of the most reliable carriers with better coverage and network.

Finding a perfect smartphone that is cheap and reliable is not an easy task. T-Mobile new phones are stocked with some of the best budget-friendly cell phones you will find.

  • BLU Jenny TV2.8: A straightforward and basic phone at $25, BLU gives up to 12 hours of talk time. This is an unlocked phone. BLU is Bluetooth, FM radio, and MP3 player enabled. It is the best for school, work, and more.
  • BlackBerry – 8520: Though there are not many BlackBerry buyers these days, some fans out there still love this old yet reliable brand. It works on the user-friendly 5.0 BlackBerry Operating System that will make you nostalgic. Priced at $40, this phone is GSM-enabled and is compatible with GSM carriers.
  • Microsoft Lumia: This phone comes with an 8GB memory and has 4G LTE speeds. It runs on the Windows v8.1 Operating System. It is only compatible with GSM carriers like T-Mobile.
  • SKY Devices – Feugo 5.0 + It is an Android v5.0 Marshmallow smartphone. The screen size is 5 inches and priced at $65. The phone is only compatible with GSM carriers.
  • BLU Diamond M: With a 4GB memory and dual SIM capacity, this phone offers you a smooth and flexible operational experience. It runs at 3G speeds for fast connectivity. BLU Diamond is priced at $65.
  • NUU Mobile A3: This phone is priced at $70. It runs on an Android v6.0 Marshmallow OS that makes interactions simple and easy. This phone has dual SIM option and has 8GB memory.
  • BLU Dash X2: Possibly the highest priced in the cheapest phone category, this phone does not disappoint. It has an 8GB memory and dual SIM capacity. The looks are similar to Samsung models. This phone is priced at $80.

These were the cheapest and most budget-friendly T-Mobile new phones available. All of them are unlocked and work on the GSM carrier only. These T-Mobile new phones are best for those buyers who do not want to spend too many dollars on a smartphone.