5 signs your air conditioner needs instant repairs

Do you notice the air conditioner making weird noises or constant water pooling on the windows at home? These are signs that your air conditioner might need instant repairs, and gauging these signs well before the system breaks down will help you save a lot of money.

Here are 5 signs that the air conditioner at home needs immediate repairs:

Unusual sounds from the unit
An air conditioner should run quietly. Although you might hear sounds of the motor, other sounds of grating, grinding, squealing, or any loud sounds from the air conditioner are hints that it needs repairs. The sooner you fix this issue, the better it is for your air conditioning system. In some of these cases, repairs do not fix the problem and the entire unit may need replacement.

Uncommon smell
If you get an unusual, pungent smell from your air conditioner, it indicates that the system’s wire insulation has burned. In such cases, the air conditioner should be repaired immediately to avoid any unforeseen events at home. On the other hand, musty smells can indicate the presence of mold, which should also be taken care of immediately.

The air conditioner blows hot air
A broken compressor may cause the system to blow hot air, and this issue can also indicate that there is a refrigerant leak. Both these issues can be easily fixed by an air conditioning expert.

Leaks around the AC system
In case you notice leaks around the air conditioning system, it might have a problem. In some cases, it might be a minor issue caused by the blockage of the drain tube inside the air conditioner. Although these leaks might not indicate an emergency, you will still need to fix them in order to stop mold growth. In other cases, leaks might hint at a refrigerant leak, which is a serious problem. In both cases, it is advisable to call an air conditioner expert at home to repair the system.

High humidity levels
One of the functions of the air conditioner is to pull humidity from the air. If you notice air pooling around the windows or feel sticky in the air inside the home, there is a good chance that your air conditioner is not working properly and needs immediate repairs. It is recommended to call the experts to determine the exact problem and get it fixed.