5 popular camera phones to take great pictures

Almost every American adult today owns a smartphone. But, apart from how commercial it has become, do you know what the real beauty of a smartphone is? The fact that it has replaced so many other modes of technology is where its true beauty lies. Want to send an e-mail? You have your smartphone. Want to listen to music? You have your smartphone. Want to take a photograph? There it is again.

Speaking of photographs, today a smartphone can take some stunning photographs that will leave you awestruck. Here is our take on some of the most popular mobile phone cameras:

  • iPhone 7 Plus: Although steeply priced, the iPhone 7 Plus is every photographer’s dream. With its fantastic point-and-shoot functionality, the iPhone 7 Plus has one of the best mobile phone cameras you can get your hands on. The phone also comes with a 256GB storage variant, for those who take their iPhone photography very seriously.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: With its 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes for one of the best mobile phone cameras available. Apart from taking crisp and beautiful photographs, this phone is also a beauty to look at with its delicate curves.
  • Google Pixel: Apart from earning its name as one of the best Android phones, the Google Pixel is also known to have one of the best mobile phone cameras that functions well even in low-light environments. In fact, the phone’s 12.3MP camera is often compared to the iPhone’s with regards to its photography skills.
  • Sony Xperia X: This compact phone comes with a button which is solely dedicated to its camera. This button facilitates convenient clicks and makes for some great pictures. Also, its easy one-handed operation makes taking photos easier than ever before.
  • Huawei P9: With one of the best names in photography, namely “Leica” backing it up, the Huawei P9 can easily be said to have one of the best mobile phone cameras ever. The USP of this phone is that it has a dual rear camera. One that clicks only black and white photos that are quite astounding. The other camera clicks DSLR quality color photos.

If you’re a photography enthusiast and can’t keep lugging around a heavy DSLR everywhere you go, you can pick one of the models listed here.