4 low-cost medical alarms covered by Medicare plans

While most people are aware that Medicare Part B covers medical equipment, the cost of medical alarms and medical alert devices are not covered. However, the Medicare Advantage plan and other supplemental plans may cover a part or the entire cost of a medical alarm. These are some of the low-cost medical alarms known to have been covered by Medicare.

Bay Alarm Medical: This is one of the most affordable medical alarm system providers. They offer flexible options to suit different lifestyles; their alarm systems include in-home medical alert with a pendant or wrist button and a receiver. They also have a mobile GPS help button with GPS tracking. For those who are traveling, Bay Alarm Medical offers in-car medical alert systems designed to plug into a 12-volt jack and monitor crashes in addition to medical emergencies. For additional fees, the company also offers automatic fall detection service. With this, an immediate signal is automatically sent to emergency personnel in case of high-impact falls.

MobileHelp: For versatile solutions for emergency medical monitoring for the indoors as well as outdoors, MobileHelp offers high-quality equipment and several monitoring options. The systems include Classic in-home system with a pendant button or wristband. Solo systems also offer mobile GPS monitoring. Another system called Smart is a watch that integrates MobileHelp with the Samsung Health app. It also offers the Duo system that enables two-way communication at home and outside.

Philips Lifeline: For those looking for a traditional medical alarm system, Philips Lifeline is a suitable choice. The system has a pendant or a wristband with an alert button, and the AT&T cellular network is used to send signals and communications. Along with a home system, Lifeline also offers a mobile option called GoSafe. This system sends alerts using a lot more than just GPS to locate a senior, making it the best suited for seniors who have an active lifestyle and travel a lot. In case of an emergency, this system sends an audio beacon, uses 2-way audio communication, Wi-Fi location, or Assisted GPS to find the person and alert medical personnel located close by.

LifeStation®: This is one of the most reliable, affordable, and simple-to-set-up medical alarm systems. LifeStation® medical alert systems comprise a pendant or a wristband with a call button. It connects to a landline. Additionally, LifeStation® has two other models that connect through cellular networks and GPS—LifeStation® In Home No Landline and LifeStation® Mobile with GPS, respectively. The call buttons of these systems also include automatic fall detection that sends notifications in case of a fatal fall.