4 benefits of walk-in tubs for seniors

A walk-in tub is a specially designed tub that allows a user to take advantage of a low threshold while entering it. The door-like opening closes once the user is inside and then the water fills up. There is also a seat provided for one to immerse well while bathing. Post-use, the water drains before the user can step out.

Walk-in tubs have become increasingly popular mainly because of the following advantages they have to offer to the seniors.

High levels of safety for seniors
The primary advantage of walk-in tubs is the safety they offer. They come with a low entry, anti-slip flooring, scald prevention valve, and rails for balance. Studies show that a sizable number of the elderly suffer from severe falls while bathing, which can prove to be permanently debilitating. Having a walk-in tub means you can rest at ease, knowing that senior members of the family are safe while bathing. Additionally, walk-in tubs help the elderly bathe with comfortable seating so that they do not need to ask for anybody’s help.

Great water capacity
Since walk-in tubs have a door, seniors need not stretch over a high threshold while entering. This means that a walk-in tub can hold much more water than a standard tub while offering ease of use. Most walk-in tubs offer a water depth of almost four feet, which is much more than that offered by a standard bath tub.

Minimal effort on home renovations
Having a senior member of the family live with you means that your home might require some redevelopment to ensure their comfort and safety. Purchasing a walk-in tub ensures that you can minimize the construction costs in your bathroom. Now, you do not need to change your flooring to anti-slip nor install railings all over. Walk-in tubs cover all these features and more.

Hydrotherapy jets
Some of the newer variants of walk-in tubs offer hydrotherapy in the form of jet sprays. These jets emit warm water that helps soothe aches from many bone and joint problems experienced by the elderly. Additionally, the deep soak offered by walk-in tubs ensures that a larger portion of the affected areas on the body may be covered.