3 healthy habits that help to control diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease that lasts for life. If not managed properly, it can cause severe health complications. Though the medications help you in managing the condition, it does not cure the disease completely. Diabetes medications do not fix the cause of the ailment itself.

Thus, medications are not the only solution to manage diabetes. Although medications are necessary, they need to be complemented with certain other healthy habits.

Lifestyle changes
The disease can still be controlled to a certain extent with proper lifestyle changes and can be the best diabetes treatment for some individuals. An individual with diabetes who has managed the condition by way of losing weight, work-life balance and other positive changes may be able to reduce the dosages of their medications, or even try discontinuing the medicine for some time. However, this process should always be done under the supervision of your doctor.

Medicines matter
Many medications help you control the blood glucose level and also reduce weight, and thus keep diabetes in check.  If your doctor decides to give you a trial run, initially he will keep a close watch on you with either no medicines or a lower dosage. If you’re only on a single drug, it will not be very difficult to stop the trial run and start on a newer medicine. And if you’re regular with exercise and eat a proper diet, preventing or lowering your doses will be easier.

Never stop entirely
Diabetes can be a progressive disease and has no cure. Notwithstanding healthy eating and living, you might have to go back on medicine at one point of time or other.

For people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, even the best diabetes medications can only work if the diet is right and other lifestyle changes are made. If one does not have any weight issues, it is easier to combat the illness and decrease the reliance on diabetes medications. According to research, it is observed that this remedy was a possible cure even when the people under observance weren’t taking insulin.

Lifestyle modifications are important, but so are diabetes medications and together they can make a huge long-term difference.