3 French river cruises that you must go on

A picturesque country, France is a fine place to visit and one of the best ways to tour the country is through riverboat cruises. A perfect vacation idea, you can glide through the unrivaled elegance that the country has to offer while creating magic of your own. With a plethora of waterways available, there are several major companies that offer you the best of French river cruises. However, the options available can be perplexing. To help you out, here are some of the most popular French river cruises that you can plan on selecting for your next vacation:

Burgundy River Cruise Adventure: The Burgundy River Cruise Adventure will take you on an 8-day tour. Starting from Dijon in France, you can pick from five other French destinations as part of your tour. The trip also ends in Dijon and you can enjoy several inclusions are part of this cruise. Meals, accommodation, transport and most importantly, wine tasting excursions are all taken care of on this river cruise.

Rhine, Strasbourg and Heidelberg River Cruise: This cruise will bring to you some of the best vistas in the world. Experience a scenic cruise as you take in the spectacular Rhine Gorge, the historic Heidelberg, and the medieval charm of Strasbourg. On the fifth day, you touch upon the French riverbanks. You sail over eight days on this river cruise.

Saone and Rhone River Cruise: Cruise over the Saone and Rhone rivers as you are introduced to the various sides of France. The new eight-day cruise sails from the medieval communal of Tarascon to Lyon, which is also the major culinary center of the country. From private wine tasting sessions to visiting the city’s gourmet food markets, this cruise will delight your senses like no other!

French river cruises will take you on a voyage you might have only dreamt of. It is best to plan your river cruise trip well in advance to enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.