3 foods to avoid in a diet for metastatic breast cancer

When diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, there are certain high-risk foods or trigger foods that one needs to be aware of. Given that the characteristics of the cancer can vary in size, form, growth rates, progression rates, and traits, it is critical that one keeps a watch over their diet as the foods consumed should supplement the body of the nutrients or vitamins that are being depleted. In the following, some of the common food items that should be excluded from a diet for metastatic breast cancer have been listed.

Any given day, medication and alcohol never mix together as they can end up causing interruption to the treatment. Moreover, there have been studies that show how regular consumption of alcohol has been directly linked to the increased risk of the breast cancer metastatizing. When one consumes alcohol, the estrogen levels in the body end up increasing thereby damaging the DNA. Just a regular three drinks-per week routine can cause the risk to rise by 15%, and even one drink beyond this can lead to a additional 10% increase of the risk. Repeated consumption of alcohol, once the disease has been diagnosed, leads to an increase in the cancer spreading beyond irreversible repair.

It is important to note that not all forms of fat are bad. But the ones that are consumed through processed foods end up impacting one’s health negatively especially when the body is battling against metastatic breast cancer. However, adding in plant-based fats to the diet is a good way to add nutrient value. The fats found in processed foods are known as trans fats, and they are present in foods such as packaged cookies, pastries, donuts, and crackers. Staying off these types of food is critical for one’s health.

Red meat
There has been research conducted that has linked red meat to being risky for acquiring a variety of health conditions including metastatic breast cancer. Cooking such meats at a high temperature actually ends up releasing toxins that may lead to cancer actively spreading in the body. It is important that one should stay away from foods that are within this category.

One should consult with their doctor about foods that should be avoided when diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in order to manage the condition effectively and improve the quality of life.