3 cities where affordable apartment rentals are a reality

Finding an apartment that fits all the primary criteria on your checklist and one that also won’t create a dent in your budget almost seems like a foreign thing. Irrespective of whether you are a retiree, student, or a young couple, deciding on a city where you want to apartment rentals is a big decision. Besides the budget, standard of living, security, entertainment, education, job opportunities, and climate are a few of the several factors that you need to consider before you go ahead and choose the city you want to live in.
If you are looking for a city that houses affordable apartment rentals, here are three handpicked cities that fit the role:

Surveys suggest that only 13.8% of the total income of people who live in apartment rentals in Indianapolis goes in paying their rent. If you compare this percentage to many of the top cities of the nation, you will be in awe of the rent rates of this city. The median rent price of the city is somewhere around $937, which is quite decent.

If you have been researching about cheap cities to rent in the country, till now you might have realized that Ohio is clearly a paradise for renters who have a strict budget. Toledo happens to be one of the many cities in Ohio that is light on the pocket and yet a great place to live in. The median house price in the city is roughly around $550. However, keep in mind that the price of apartment rentals in this city is rising steadily, with a whopping rise of around 14.6% in just a year.

Kansas City
Known for its jazz culture, barbecue, museums, and fountains, one would think that apartment rentals in this city of Missouri won’t be cheap, but the Kansas City is full of surprises. It costs about a mere $850 to rent an apartment here; to top it off, the mortgage rate here is unbelievably affordable. With the crazy number of arcades, amusement parks, and museums, you won’t run out of entertainment options if you decide to live in the city.

So, which of these cities caught your attention? Moreover, what are the primary things that you look for in a city?

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