10 ways for kids to earn their pocket money this summer

Earning an allowance can be a long-lasting teaching moment for parents. It is essential to help kids realize the importance of responsibility at an early age as this helps them get ready for adulthood. Of course, it will be highly remiss to expect children to join the salaried workforce, but there are plenty of other small odd jobs that your kid can pick up right in their neighborhood. Let’s find out about some of them here.

Garage sale

Classic junkyard sales are one of the best ways for kids to earn some extra cash. Give them some motivation to clean their rooms and sell whatever they don’t need anymore! You can also help them sell some of their things online, such as old toys and comic books.


Babysitting can be tough but this can also teach your kids important life skills. Help them find trusted families to whom they can speak for babysitting services. Your neighbor or a family friend are good places to start as it is not a wholly unfamiliar environment.

Pet services

More and more people have started to get pets at home now. However, not every pet parent has the time or the ability to take their pets out for walks twice a day. So, if your child is comfortable and responsible around a dog or a cat, pet sitting or dog walking can be a great way for kids to earn their allowance.

Wash cars

It’s that one chore you tell yourself you’d do every weekend, but you’re always too lazy to! A win-win solution is kids taking up car washing gigs and earning cash for their allowance! Of course, the child has to be above a certain age and it is imperative to ensure the vehicle is parked properly before handing them the washing paraphernalia!

Bake sale

Who doesn’t like a good bake sale?! Muffins, cakes, freshly baked cookies, and breads are some of the things that make a Sunday morning even better! A bake sale is a great way for young children to add to their allowance. It can even be a regular weekend activity.

Paint fences

Let the kids earn their allowance by painting some fences in their neighborhood. In fact, it can easily be a fun group activity for your children and their friends. You can supervise them from time to time, but otherwise, this is one leisurely way to earn extra cash!

Run errands for parents

Help in the form of household chores can be a huge relief for parents. Slightly older kids can help out by doing a grocery run every week or helping you trim the lawn, clean the pool, etc. Every little bit helps and the extra cash can go to your kids’ allowance.

Mow lawns
Mowing the lawn is a lot of hard work and oftentimes is skipped when one is too busy, so why not let your kid pick up the slack. It’s safe, it’s hard work, and it’s important to teach children a sense of responsibility towards the house.

Weed gardens

A great activity to let the kids have fun in nature, this is a fail-safe way to earn cash. By weeding gardens, children can even learn more about plant and soil health. It is never a bad idea to turn these chores into fun and educational activities so they enjoy them.

Organize closets

What better way to teach your child about organizational skills? This doesn’t have to be a one-time activity and you can encourage your children to organize side-table cabinets or shared spaces too in an attempt to earn over and above their monthly allowance.